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Event date: February 28, - March 3, at HEC Paris France Le FH est un festival international de théâtre étudiant, Notre but est rencontres théâtrales de lyon une nouvelle scène au troupes étudiantes, une occasion pour eux de rencontrer un nouveau public. Cet événement est d'ailleurs placé sous le signe de la rencontre: Alors venez découvrir la diversité de la création théâtrale étudiante d'aujourd'hui.

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Car comme l'a dit Michel Rabaud, juré de l'éditionancien inspecteur du théâtre pour le Ministère de la Culture: Email address: Founded init has become one of the oldest in Europe, in the world even, and it has achieved undisputed international fame. We will try to give at least two answers. The History of Theatre in the second half of the 20 th century cannot be recounted without considering the influence that university theatre, rencontres théâtrales de lyon in the s, has had on the revival of theatre full stop: Pleasure of playing: Pleasure of travelling: And UT is a travelling theatre: Pleasure of meeting and of discovering: And members of the public also benefit: Pleasure, for the public to see theatre in the original: The investment and the dynamism shown by the teachers of the region who bring rencontres théâtrales de lyon their rows of students is a sign to us that they back our choice.

February 22, - February 27, at Rencontres théâtrales de lyon bei Leibnitz Austria The Lab is open to performers from different creative genres and techniques inspired by Physical Theatre as a bold, vibrant and multidimensional approach to contemporary theatre performance.

Participants will explore Physicality as the principal creative instrument.

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The Lab is the opportunity to enrich professional arsenal with new practical methods and devices, to discover new impulses for future creative work and to make new contacts with colleagues from different parts of the world. Participants will explore physicality as the key to form, style, atmosphere and emotional palette in contemporary performance.

The process includes intensive practical training, lectures and discussions. Practical sessions rencontres théâtrales de lyon in the form of various exercises which progress from simple to compound.

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Gradually the group is proceeding to group improvisations and structures. Every day is setting advanced creative tasks, developing the preceding rencontres théâtrales de lyon. Through the system of consecutive exercises the group is growing common language and trust, ability to collaborate and create together.

Each day begins with morning warm-up. The warm-up combines breathing, movement and imagination.

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It helps participants to wake up and to prepare for the intensive practical work during the day. Practical training.

Part I. Training by method of improvisation.

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Part II. From exercises to performance.

rencontres théâtrales de lyon

Theoretical Part: Lectures and Discussions: Chekhov, Stanislavsky: Biomechanics, Psychological Gesture and Physical Action. His creative way has passed through the Cold War of the s, collapse of the USSR in the s, creative ordeals in the period of the interethnic tension in the Baltic and joining the New Europe.

Ostrenko began his professional carrier in performing arts in as a stage designer. Rencontres théâtrales de lyon he continued his education as an actor and then as a director. Ostrenko also studied contemporary techniques of performing arts: He also spent ten years working in dance theatre.

Chronologie des créations et tournées du GTA

The creative work of Ostrenko is the synthesis of the Russian Theatre School and the newest experiments in various performing arts. Ostrenko has dedicated many years to exploration of world theatre traditions working with multicultural groups of performing artists.

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His approach rencontres théâtrales de lyon known internationally as the effective method of growing cohesion and creation of live performances within limited time. Theatre workers from Russia, Europe, America, Asia and Australia who trained with Ostrenko have been using his method of physical training in rencontres théâtrales de lyon own creative practice.

Nous reproduisons ici un entretien avec Ignacio García réalisé par Irène Sadowska. Quelles sont les grandes lignes de ton projet?

At present the principal professional interest of Ostrenko is investigation of theatre methods between tradition and contemporaneity. International theatre projects under his direction take place in different countries: The fee covers participation in the programme: Accommodation with meals: Shared twin room: The fee covers five nights of accommodation in shared twin room and three meals per day - breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Single room: The fee covers five nights of accommodation in single room and three rencontres théâtrales de lyon per day - breakfast, lunch, dinner. Accommodation without meals: The fee covers five nights of accommodation in shared twin room.

Rencontres théâtrales de lyon fee covers five nights of accommodation in single room.

The Lab will take place in the 15th century castle.

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